Wednesday’s Headlines Are Going Big

  • As Republican support for a bipartisan infrastructure bill shows signs of collapsing (CNN), President Biden met with Sen. Bernie Sanders to talk about an even larger $3.5 trillion second bill (Associated Press).
  • A new Transit Center report says that transit police exacerbate racial inequality, and agencies should focus less on policing low-level offenses like fare evasion, and more on unarmed responses to problems like homelessness.
  • Transit advocates are pushing Pennsylvania Republicans to create a stable funding source for transit and address a backlog of repairs. (Philadelphia Inquirer)
  • D.C. Metro police are proposing an 18-month ban on riders suspected of a sex crime or firearm offense. (Washington Post)
  • The Oregon DOT has $800 million to widen I-5 in Portland but not $100 million to maintain the roads it already has. (KATU)
  • Running through storm drains and utility poles, Austin’s new bike lanes are not all they were cracked up to be (KXAN). Not to mention, cyclists have to share them with pizza delivery robots (Houston Public Media).
  • Newark launched a pilot program bringing 2,000 bike-share bikes and e-scooters to the city. (
  • Construction has started on Omaha’s first protected bike lane. (KPTM)
  • Mobile’s incumbent mayor is touting new buses as he runs for re-election, and two challengers are both in favor of a regional transit system. (
  • Augusta bus riders must start paying fares again, with no change given. (WFXG)
  • Basketball star turned analyst Jalen Rose paid $2,000 for an Uber ride from Milwaukee to Detroit — with a driver who had a dog in his lap the whole time. (MLive)
  • New York City’s new Moynihan Station recently opened, but they seem to have forgotten the seats. (Patch)