Shine On You Crazy Wednesday Headlines

  • President Biden is expected to release details of his $3 trillion infrastructure plan this week. (New York Times)
  • Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was speaking our language at SXSW. (Forbes)
  • Washington, D.C. employers are eyeing Labor Day to start bringing folks back into the office, and that’s likely to cause a spike in solo drivers because people aren’t going to be comfortable packing in together on trains. (Post)
  • A study in Buffalo found that developers of mixed-use projects cut parking in half since the city lifted minimum parking regulations, but the change had little effect on single-use developments. (Sidewalk Talk)
  • Oregon passed a groundbreaking bill 50 years ago devoting 1 percent of transportation funds to bike infrastructure, and now an effort is underway to quintuple that amount. (Oregon Public Broadcasting)
  • Oregon is also at the forefront of replacing gas taxes with a mileage fee. (Government Technology)
  • The News-Journal in extremely dangerous Daytona Beach calls for safer streets for pedestrians.
  • A Los Angeles program is helping to educate immigrants on how to pedal the city’s auto-centric streets. (Yes Magazine)
  • The Chronicle profiles a San Francisco woman who’s been fighting for safer streets ever since she broke her neck and back when a driver hit her while jogging.
  • A new guide seeks to help make cities safer for young children by showing what urban life is like from three feet high. (Cities Today)
  • This crazy diverging diamond interchange in Boston will kill a lot of trees and certainly won’t make people on foot feel any safer. (Public Square)


Today’s Headlines

House Ways and Means Committee joins the Senate in shutting the door on Rep. Jim Oberstar’s (D-MN) push for a new transportation bill (The Hill) The field-testing of a future alternative to the gas tax kicks into high gear (AP) Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell (D) calls for a second stimulus that’s targeted to infrastructure … […]

Today’s Headlines

Pelosi explains why DeFazio’s Wall Street infrastructure tax is on the table: "The downside is always felt by the worker and the upside is always realized by those who never seem to take a loss …" (HuffPost) … meanwhile, the Speaker also signals openness to the "front-loaded" infrastructure proposal first floated by Durbin (Yglesias) Officials […]