Shine On You Crazy Wednesday Headlines

  • President Biden is expected to release details of his $3 trillion infrastructure plan this week. (New York Times)
  • Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was speaking our language at SXSW. (Forbes)
  • Washington, D.C. employers are eyeing Labor Day to start bringing folks back into the office, and that’s likely to cause a spike in solo drivers because people aren’t going to be comfortable packing in together on trains. (Post)
  • A study in Buffalo found that developers of mixed-use projects cut parking in half since the city lifted minimum parking regulations, but the change had little effect on single-use developments. (Sidewalk Talk)
  • Oregon passed a groundbreaking bill 50 years ago devoting 1 percent of transportation funds to bike infrastructure, and now an effort is underway to quintuple that amount. (Oregon Public Broadcasting)
  • Oregon is also at the forefront of replacing gas taxes with a mileage fee. (Government Technology)
  • The News-Journal in extremely dangerous Daytona Beach calls for safer streets for pedestrians.
  • A Los Angeles program is helping to educate immigrants on how to pedal the city’s auto-centric streets. (Yes Magazine)
  • The Chronicle profiles a San Francisco woman who’s been fighting for safer streets ever since she broke her neck and back when a driver hit her while jogging.
  • A new guide seeks to help make cities safer for young children by showing what urban life is like from three feet high. (Cities Today)
  • This crazy diverging diamond interchange in Boston will kill a lot of trees and certainly won’t make people on foot feel any safer. (Public Square)