Tuesday’s Headlines on the Eve of Impeachment

  • City Lab follows Streetsblog’s story on how Democrats’ victories in Georgia and their new Senate majority will help President-elect Joe Biden pass a green transportation bill. Here are some similar stories on how the runoff results are good for Biden’s infrastructure (RT&S) and climate-change (Washington Post, EcoWatch) agendas.
  • Biden will take the train from Delaware to his inauguration, proving that he is who we thought he was: Amtrak Joe! (CNN)
  • Tesla stock inexplicably rose 700 percent in 2020, making founder Elon Musk the richest man in the world. He’s also one of the world’s stingiest billionaires when it comes to giving to charity. (Vox)
  • Roughly $610 million in federal coronavirus aid will help the D.C. Metro avoid service cuts through June. (Washington Post)
  • The deaths of five cyclists at the hands of a driver who fell asleep at the wheel while allegedly on meth has galvanized Nevada residents to call for public officials to do something about the carnage. (New York Times)
  • Not even protected bike lanes can protect cyclists from San Diego’s speeding drivers. (Union-Tribune)
  • The Federal Transit Administration finalized a $174-million grant for Kansas City’s streetcar extension. (Associated Press)
  • Massachusetts is tacking new fees onto Uber and Lyft rides in Boston and 13 other cities to fund public transit. (Patch)
  • The Oregon DOT’s new strategic plan promises “transformative change” on environmental and equity issues. (Bike Portland)
  • Hey, all you New Yorkers who just bought a car and are complaining about parking: Guess what? Owning a car in the city should suck. (Vice)


Key House Republicans Aren’t Buying Administration HSR Proposal

Vice President Joe Biden’s announcement of a $53 billion infusion for high-speed rail has fallen like a lead balloon on the ears of some key GOP leaders. House Transportation Committee Chair John L. Mica (R-FL) and Railroads Subcommittee Chair Bill Shuster (R-PA) expressed “extreme reservations” about the plan. “This is like giving Bernie Madoff another […]