We’re Back With Monday’s Headlines

It's our annual December donation drive. Please give from the heart (and wallet!) by clicking here. Thanks.
It’s our annual December donation drive. Please give from the heart (and wallet!) by clicking here. Thanks.

Our New York City flagship, which oversees Streetsblog USA, is holding a unique one-day fundraiser today: Whoever makes the single-biggest donation before 11:59 p.m. tonight will get an only-in-New-York Parks Department COVID-themed “Keep This Far Apart” beach towel. Check it out on Streetsblog NYC.

Meanwhile, here’s the news:

  • The pandemic bike boom exposed the longstanding lack of bike infrastructure in U.S. cities. (Business Insider)
  • Indiana television station WTHI delves in Pete Buttigieg’s transportation record as mayor of South Bend, where he oversaw a small transit system and redesigned several streets that then saw fewer crashes.
  • The final coronavirus stimulus bill, which President Trump finally signed late Sunday, doesn’t include funding for light-rail expansion that was in previous bills, so Seattle’s Sound Transit will get a measly $97 million. (KUOW)
  • Traffic deaths rose 63 percent in Philadelphia this year, and hit-and-runs more than doubled. Mayor Jim Kenney should put more resources into Vision Zero. (WHYY)
  • Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker has pledged to spend at least half the $160 million generated by higher gas taxes under an interstate climate pact on transit. (Globe)
  • Honolulu’s troubled light-rail extension received a year-long extension on a $250 million federal grant that was set to expire Dec. 31. (Civil Beat)
  • Dallas has way too much parking, thanks to outdated regulations. One mixed-use development has 2,600 spaces that have never been used. Future structured parking should be built so it can easily be converted to offices when no longer needed. (D Magazine)
  • Roundabouts, a road diet, sidewalks and shared-youth paths are part of the plans for a redesigned Eastern Parkway in Louisville. (WLKY)
  • Cincinnati installed its first raised crosswalk. (Fox 19)
  • A shakeup on the D.C. city council put progressives who support more funding for transit and protected bike lanes on the transportion committee. (Washington City Paper)
  • Repurposing parking remains a great idea, but maaaaaybe doing everything outside is a tad overrated. (New York Magazine)