Wednesday’s Headlines for You Right Now

  • Urban planner and bike advocate Tamika Butler guest-edited this month’s issue of Bicycling. Among 14 stories about the Black cycling experience are pieces on the history of biking in Black culture, being an anti-racist bike rider, discrimination in the biking community and police stopping Black cyclists more often than Whites.
  • Streetsblog’s Kea Wilson dissected the DOA GOP COVID bailout bill — which offers $0 for transit. Zero.
  • Before the pandemic hit, 2020 was looking like a good year for transit, and now ridership is starting to creep back up a bit. (Government Technology)
  • As states reopen and traffic comes back to pre-pandemic levels, drivers are spreading coronavirus. Vehicle-miles traveled in Texas track closely with infection rates. (Rice Kinder)
  • Zero-emissions vehicles and other sustainability measures should be part of any coronavirus recovery package. (World Economic Forum)
  • Cities that use citations as a revenue source — especially for nonexistent offenses — cause resentment against the police. (Forbes)
  • Another article predicts that the pandemic and teleworking will spell the end of cities (Politico). Come on. COVID is bad, but it’s not the Black Plague.
  • California is considering capping emissions from ride-share app vehicles, forcing companies like Uber and Lyft to largely turn their fleets electric. (Gizmodo)
  • goes in-depth on the debate over the role of police on Minneapolis transit.
  • A hit-and-run driver killed a Philadelphia cyclist, and his family is asking the city to make Vision Zero a higher priority. (KYW)
  • A Bay Area Rapid Transit volunteer designed a sticker for people who want to alert other passengers that they have a disability that might not be visible. (Fast Company)
  • Long Beach’s bike-share is returning after a four-month coronavirus closure (Press Telegram), and Chicago’s Divvy is rolling out e-bikes this week (CBSN).
  • Vancouver’s TransLink is making some quick, tactical street changes like bulb-outs and priority lanes to speed up bus service. (Daily Hive)


Of Course the GOP Transportation Platform Is a Catastrophe

In the past few years, Congressional Republicans tried and failed to turn the federal transportation program into a highways-only affair. Still, the GOP isn’t giving up on eliminating federal funds for transit, walking, and biking. Donald Trump may have made his name building on the most transit-rich real estate in the nation, but he hasn’t changed the […]

A Day of Action to Stop the Attack on Transit, Biking, and Walking

Today is a national day of action to oppose the House GOP transportation bill, with Transportation for America, Rails to Trails, Bikes Belong, the Natural Resources Defense Council and many other organizations mobilizing against the extreme attack on transit, biking and walking. They are urging people to contact their representatives and support a sane, sustainable […]

Six Lies the GOP Is Telling About the House Transportation Bill

The transportation-plus-drilling bill that John Boehner and company are trying to ram through the House is an attack on transit riders, pedestrians, cyclists, city dwellers, and every American who can’t afford to drive everywhere. Under this bill, all the dedicated federal funding streams for transit, biking, and walking would disappear, leading to widespread service cuts […]

Despite Nods to Transit, House GOP Still All About Highways

In its annual “Views and Estimates” document [PDF], the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee indicates that when it comes to transportation policy, despite a few nods to transit, House Republicans still want to cut spending and let highway-centric state DOTs sort out the details. While the House transportation bill could be on its last legs, the document […]