Wednesday’s Headlines for You Right Now

  • Urban planner and bike advocate Tamika Butler guest-edited this month’s issue of Bicycling. Among 14 stories about the Black cycling experience are pieces on the history of biking in Black culture, being an anti-racist bike rider, discrimination in the biking community and police stopping Black cyclists more often than Whites.
  • Streetsblog’s Kea Wilson dissected the DOA GOP COVID bailout bill — which offers $0 for transit. Zero.
  • Before the pandemic hit, 2020 was looking like a good year for transit, and now ridership is starting to creep back up a bit. (Government Technology)
  • As states reopen and traffic comes back to pre-pandemic levels, drivers are spreading coronavirus. Vehicle-miles traveled in Texas track closely with infection rates. (Rice Kinder)
  • Zero-emissions vehicles and other sustainability measures should be part of any coronavirus recovery package. (World Economic Forum)
  • Cities that use citations as a revenue source — especially for nonexistent offenses — cause resentment against the police. (Forbes)
  • Another article predicts that the pandemic and teleworking will spell the end of cities (Politico). Come on. COVID is bad, but it’s not the Black Plague.
  • California is considering capping emissions from ride-share app vehicles, forcing companies like Uber and Lyft to largely turn their fleets electric. (Gizmodo)
  • goes in-depth on the debate over the role of police on Minneapolis transit.
  • A hit-and-run driver killed a Philadelphia cyclist, and his family is asking the city to make Vision Zero a higher priority. (KYW)
  • A Bay Area Rapid Transit volunteer designed a sticker for people who want to alert other passengers that they have a disability that might not be visible. (Fast Company)
  • Long Beach’s bike-share is returning after a four-month coronavirus closure (Press Telegram), and Chicago’s Divvy is rolling out e-bikes this week (CBSN).
  • Vancouver’s TransLink is making some quick, tactical street changes like bulb-outs and priority lanes to speed up bus service. (Daily Hive)


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