Thursday’s Headlines

Streetsblog is taking the holidays off, but here are some evergreen (pun intended) headlines to keep you occupied until we return Monday.

  • Paint the town red! Or at least the bus lanes. Cities are taking advantage of relaxed federal regulations to set off bus-only lanes with red paint, drawing drivers’ attention to the fact that cars don’t belong there. (Wired)
  • BuzzFeed and ProPublica are still hammering Amazon for unsafe delivery practices. The latest story reveals that six years ago, the company’s CFO was killed by a delivery van while biking — yet the company did not alter its strategy.
  • Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has left the company’s board after selling off most of his stock — cashing out of a company that has never made a profit. Kleptocracy, anyone? (Forbes)
  • Ignition interlock devices are meant to stop drunk people from getting behind the wheel, but they can also distract drivers and cause crashes. (NY Times Magazine)
  • On the third day of Christmas The American Prospect gave to me … a 24-part series on the Green New Deal.
  • Republicans are starting to warm up to the idea of man-made climate change. (Deseret News)
  • Opposition to autonomous vehicles is coming from some unlikely places, including unions, which fret about the loss of truck-driving jobs, and hackers, who worry that pranksters could reroute cars off a cliff. (Car and Driver)
  • Idea Stream takes an in-depth look at Cleveland Heights, Ohio, which has one of the most far-reaching and comprehensive Vision Zero policies in the country. 
  • Milwaukee Magazine explains how plans to extend The Hop streetcar went off the rails.
  • A New Jersey transit advocate who has ridden every rail line in the Lower 48 shares his thoughts on the state of U.S. transit. (Railway Age)
  • The London Underground has overtaken New York City’s subway as the most innovative and reliable transit system in the world. (The Guardian)
  • Hey, drivers: Treehugger has some tips on how not to hit people who are biking or walking. Mainly, pay attention!