Tuesday’s Headlines

  • Democratic presidential candidates have no real plan for dealing with the single largest source of pollution in the U.S.: cars. In fact, infrastructure construction could incentivize even more driving. (Mother Jones)
  • Uber is doomed, part 7,593. (Forbes)
  • Outside’s Bike Snob, Eben Weiss, writes that forcing cyclists to wear helmets — as New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to do — just discourages people from riding bikes, which actually makes bike riding even more dangerous because it reduces the “safety in numbers” effect.
  • Portland’s TriMet wants to trim a $400 million budget shortfall for the Barbour light rail project by eliminating stops along the 12-mile route. (Oregonian)
  • Hit-and-run drivers have killed 20 people in Denver so far this year, and fewer than half have been arrested. (Westword)
  • Des Moines prepares for the arrival of hundreds of e-scooters (Register). And New Orleans has approved regulations on pedal-assist bikes, paving the way for e-bikes to join the city bike-share network. (Advocate)
  • A San Antonio woman who was nearly killed by a driver while biking last year organized a “Cyclist Lives Matter” ride to memorialize other victims and call for safer streets (Rivard Report). Meanwhile, Pittsburgh cyclists were out in force last weekend trying to get a state law changed so that the city can build more protected bike lanes (Post-Gazette)
  • San Diego residents lobby for safer streets. (Downtown News)
  • Minneapolis converted on-street parking on Hennepin Avenue into bus-only lanes during rush hour. (Star Tribune)
  • The lengths drivers will go to protect to their cars … (Boing Boing)

1 thought on Tuesday’s Headlines

  1. Blake fabricates more headlines. Is it intentional, or simply sloppy incompetence? Denver has had 4 fatal hit & runs (which is 4 too many, and 17 too many H&R serious crashes). But to rewrite the headline to state 20 fatals were H&R is simply false.

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