Friday’s Headlines

  • Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg support improving intercity passenger rail, and Elizabeth Warren wants carbon-free cars and trucks, but overall the candidates said little about transportation at a marathon town hall on climate change. (CNN)
  • Congestion is increasing, but commute times stay the same. Because sprawl begets sprawl, and jobs follow workers out to the suburbs — which leads to shorter commutes, but more time spent sitting in traffic. (City Lab)
  • Fourteen women have sued Lyft alleging that drivers sexually assaulted them. (BuzzFeed)
  • Uber has spent half a billion dollars trying to repair its image. Will it work? (Vox)
  • E-bike sales are up 60 percent this year, and they’re especially popular among seniors. (Considerable)
  • Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris’ plan to boost Memphis transit funding by $10 million annually centers around a proposal to charge households that have more than two vehicles $145 a year for each additional vehicle. (Commercial Appeal)
  • Even constituents in Phoenix’s most staunchly anti-transit city councilman’s district voted in favor of light rail last week. (New Times)
  • London is changing its regs for skyscraper design to reduce headwinds for cyclists and pedestrians. (Wired)
  • Tucson’s bike-share program (Arizona Public Media) and the University of Houston’s (Houston Public Media) are adding docking stations, and New Orleans’ will soon offer e-bikes (Advocate)
  • Seattle’s bike-share program is on fire in more ways than one. (KOMO)

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