Friday’s Headlines

  • In response to drivers’ efforts to win labor rights, Uber and Lyft are offering California drivers a $21 minimum wage while on a trip, plus paid time off and other benefits. But $21 isn’t much of a living wage in San Francisco, drivers responded. (Tech Crunch)
  • An app called Safe Lanes lets cellphone users easily report blocked bike lanes to authorities. Such “urban narc” apps can save lives, but also raise questions about privacy and today’s culture of near-constant surveillance. (City Lab)
  • Kansas City could become the first major U.S. city to do away with transit fares across the board. (The Pitch)
  • Development is booming around a new Charlotte light-rail station. (WSOC)
  • South Philadelphia is one of the most-biked neighborhoods in the country, and still a plan to replace on-street parking with bike lanes has enraged drivers. (Plan Philly)
  • Ever wonder why, exactly, a cold beer tastes so good after a long bike ride? Bicycling magazine has the answer.