Friday’s Headlines

  • The Trump Administration is still holding back billions of dollars in funding for public transit. (Curbed, Streetsblog)
  • Cities need new infrastructure to handle the rise of e-commerce as deliveries add to congestion. (Bloomberg)
  • Google Maps is now displaying bike-share docks in 24 cities. (Engadget)
  • A Blue Line power shutdown on Wednesday and last month’s Red Line derailment show that Boston’s T is in crisis, say transit advocates, who are asking Mayor Martin Walsh for more funding. (Herald)
  • Minneapolis has received a grant from the Bloomberg American Cities Climate Challenge to build two bus-only lanes. (Southwest Journal)
  • Washington state is considering shifting from a gas tax to taxing drivers by the mile. (Tacoma News Tribune)
  • The Washington, D.C. suburb of Arlington County, Va. has passed a Vision Zero resolution, but offered few details on how it intends to meet that goal. (ARL Now)
  • Last week, we linked to a story on how the homeless are affected by cities reducing parking spaces. San Francisco recently set aside a parking lot for people who live in vans or RVs. (Chronicle)
  • A Detroit man spent three nights in jail after police threw him to the ground and arrested him while he was crossing the street. (WXYZ)
  • A Cleveland driver had a completely rational response to a cyclist who reminded him of the rules of the road. Just kidding, he flipped out. (Scene)

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