Friday’s Headlines

  • Crowdfunding bike infrastructure can help raise public engagement and prevent bikelash. (Greenbiz)
  • Forbes has a thousand different ways to say that Uber will never be profitable. Meanwhile, CNBC interviews struggling Uber drivers.
  • Skateboarding is soon to be an Olympic sport, and Curbed traces its history back to federally funded “slum removal” projects in the mid-20th century.
  • A Shreveport, La. freeway that could slice through a neighborhood received $100 million in funding from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill settlement. (KTBS)
  • Salt Lake City is one of the few cities in North America where congestion is improving despite population growth, thanks in part to more bike lanes and better transit. (Tribune)
  • New York City passed a sweeping street-safety bill last week, but will it be taken seriously? (Bicycling) Our StreetsblogNYC colleagues also covered it.
  • Amazon wants its delivery robots to be treated like pedestrians. So you mean like garbage? (Business Insider)
  • A Milwaukee development that will include a transit station is behind schedule, threatening a federal grant for a streetcar extension. (Urban Milwaukee)
  • Washington, D.C,’s new bus-only — bus-mostly, really — lanes seem to be working pretty well so far. (Greater Greater Washington)
  • ICYMI: Offering childcare at public meetings could help encourage more parents of young children to participate. (Next City)
  • Amsterdam has managed to remove about 1,500 parking spaces a year without ticking off drivers (City Lab). Streetfilms did a great mini-doc on it.
  • Seattle is a surreal hellscape for drivers, and Crosscut makes that out to be a bad thing.

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