Monday’s Headlines

  • City Lab maps out where traffic pollution is most likely to give children asthma: Spoiler alert: the Northeast, the Great Lakes region and Southern California.
  • Asthma attacks are one reason why a Guardian columnist says cars are killing us, and we have to phase them out within 10 years. But there are also plenty of other reasons — including death and destruction.
  • China now has 300 million cars — almost as many cars are there are people in the U.S. — and 10 of the world’s 25 most congested cities. (South China Morning Post)
  • Virgin Trains, the privately owned passenger rail company formerly known as Brightline, is set to start construction on a line connecting West Palm Beach and Orlando. (Miami Herald)
  • Work is starting on Indianapolis’s bus rapid transit Red Line. (Star)
  • The Salt Lake Tribune is outraged that Utah transit officials might spend $400,000 earmarked for roads and buses to study a rail project instead.
  • A paperwork snafu could jeopardize Hawaii’s federal transit funding. (West Hawaii Today)
  • The Washington City Paper eulogized D.C. bike advocate Dave Salovesh, who was killed by the driver of a speeding stolen van on Friday. (DCist)
  • As bike- and scooter-shares proliferate around Minneapolis, city officials are reminding riders to wear helmets and stay off sidewalks. (Southwest Journal)
  • Why do Americans hate bikes so much? Bike Snob Eben Weiss doesn’t really answer the question, but he has some interesting anecdotes about the lengths bike opponents will go to. (Outside)
  • But really, there’s no need to worry about things like bike infrastructure or transit. Just follow Jesus’s teachings and be nicer to each other behind the wheel, and that will fix our traffic problems. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

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