Friday’s Headlines

  • The portion of the Federal Highway Trust Fund devoted to public transit is expected to run dry in 2021 — forcing a 30-percent spending cut — as increased fuel efficiency and construction costs cut into gas tax revenue. That could be a disaster, or an opportunity to put a better funding mechanism, like a Green New Deal, in place. (City Lab)
  • Here’s a deep dive from Move Forward on the tug of war between cities and mobility companies over the data those companies collect.
  • Houston planners are visiting the city’s most dangerous intersections for cyclists and pedestrians to see how bad road design contributes to wrecks. (Um, you mean they weren’t doing this already?) (Houston Public Media)
  • Atlanta residents are furious that a new pedestrian bridge linking a MARTA train station with Mercedes-Benz Stadium will be open in time for the Super Bowl — but not to the general public. (Curbed)
  • A new bus rapid transit line is forcing St. Petersburg to choose between parking and bikes. Guess which one Streetsblog votes for? (Tampa Bay Times)
  • Dade County, Fla., cities are using their share of a penny transportation sales tax on trolleys, shuttles and ride-hailing services, cutting into county transit’s ridership and creating a more fragmented system. (Miami Today)
  • It’s been eight months since Cincinnati officials promised to hire a “czar” to oversee the city’s troubled streetcar. So where is he? (Enquirer)
  • Lyft is suing New York City over a new law guaranteeing drivers a $17.22 minimum wage. (CNN)
  • Lincoln, Neb., gathered 1,500 public comments for its new bike plan, which includes 135 individual projects and 140 total miles of upgrades over 20 years. (Journal-Star)
  • A Las Vegas driver binged on tallboys in the middle of the day, ran over and killed a cyclist on the strip, fled on foot, then drank another eight or so Bud Ices before police caught up with him. He was charged with murder and two other felonies. (Sun)
  • Bask in Jalopnik’s righteous fury at some moron who fell asleep behind the wheel of his “self-driving” Tesla.

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