Wednesday’s Headlines

  • Washington state legislators are taking up bills to cap the car-tab fee that helps fund Sound Transit and a $16-billion infrastructure plan. (Seattle Times)
  • Creepy or useful? Google’s Sidewalk Labs is using our cellphones to track us on sidewalks, and packaging and selling the data to urban planners to help them make transportation and land-use decisions. (The Intercept)
  • The Twin Cities’ Metro Transit has a Homeless Action Team that looks after the 250 to 300 homeless people who use trains as shelters. (Fox 9)
  • The Charlotte Area Transit System is considering extending a LYNX light rail line west into Gaston. (Gazette)
  • Following California’s lead, Utah is considering withholding transportation funding from communities that don’t do more to encourage affordable housing. (Salt Lake Tribune)
  • The Atlanta Regional Commission now has a “long-range vision” for transit extending far out into the suburbs. (Curbed)
  • Chicago police are allegedly using racial profiling to try to catch rental bike thieves, targeting young black men riding on the sidewalk. (Reader)
  • A Dutch study concludes that e-cargo bikes could not only make delivery drones irrelevant, but replace some existing delivery trucks. (Treehugger)
  • Apparently some people in Milwaukee refuse to believe their streetcar, The Hop, can run in the snow, but the Record has proof.
  • Celebrities: They’re just like us! Except when they don’t get tickets on their e-bikes. (Hollywood Reporter)

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