Tuesday’s Headlines

  • Transit systems are in danger of losing funding if the federal shutdown drags on. (Barron’s) Meanwhile, Washington, D.C. Uber drivers are feeling the pinch, too, with fewer requests for rides from furloughed government employees. (WTOP)
  • Most cities leave the responsibility for shoveling snow to property owners. That endangers pedestrians, and cities should clear sidewalks themselves. (City Lab)
  • Worried about the “Seattle Squeeze,” aka “ViaDoom,” with the Alaskan Way Viaduct now closed? KOMO has a primer for transit newbies.
  • Metro Atlanta’s population is projected to grow by 2.5 million by 2040, and to keep pace both with growth and rival cities, MARTA CEO Jeffrey Parker is calling for a $100-billion investment in transit over the next 40 years. (AJC)
  • Charlotte officials are grappling with how they came up $77 million short on funding for a 26-mile bike trail that was supposed to cost $38 million. (Observer)
  • Twin Cities YIMBYs — Yes in My Back Yard — are advocating for denser development, pedestrian-friendly streets and better transit. (Pioneer Press)
  • Los Angeles is targeting 80 of its most dangerous streets and intersections for Vision Zero projects. (Curbed)
  • Walk Bike Nashville held a memorial last weekend for the 23 pedestrians drivers killed there last year. (Fox 17)
  • This is how you do it: Paris is making transit free for children under 11 — with older youth getting a 50-percent discount — and bike rentals free for everyone under 18. (Fast Company)
  • Uber’s flying taxis are not what The Jetsons promised us. (The Guardian)

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  1. Loved seeing this on the article re: MARTA. “Even as he stoked support for transit expansion, Parker unveiled initiatives to improve service for existing customers. He plans to establish a new rider advisory committee to provide customers a formal voice in the agency. And he plans to hire a “chief customer experience officer” to ensure such concerns get more attention.”

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