Wednesday’s Headlines

  • More than 20 neighborhoods have applied for a Philadelphia safe-streets pilot program that only has enough funding for two (which is crazy when you think about it). (Billy Penn)
  • Ford is unveiling new technology that will let let cyclists and pedestrians use their cellphones to alert vehicles to their location. Yeah, um, no. (Smart Cities Dive)
  • With Bay Area Rapid Transit set to replace all of its trains by 2022, the agency asked Twitter users what it should do with the old cars. Suggestions included food trucks, museums and “abartments.” (SFGate)
  • A woman who survived the 2013 Boston marathon bombing was hit by a driver who failed to stop at the Boston crosswalk last weekend. Adrianne Haslet-Davis described herself as “completely broken” in an Instagram post. (BBC)
  • The Columbian chides Washington Republicans for urging Gov. Jay Inslee to nix plans for light rail along a new bridge to Oregon.
  • Republican Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey is in favor of raising the state’s gas tax to pay for infrastructure. (WKRG) But in Illinois, Republicans (WREX) and truckers (Illinois News Network) are opposed to a gas-tax hike.
  • Uber’s JUMP bikes have landed in Atlanta (Curbed) just as the city passed new regulations on e-scooters. (Fox 5)
  • A new app launching in 15 cities incorporates public transit, ride-hailing and carpools. (Washington Post)
  • A Michigan man pleaded guilty to shooting six people to death during a killing spree while driving for Uber in 2016. Jason Dalton faces life without parole. (NPR)
  • IYMI: StreetsblogNYC has more on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s plan to repair rather than rebuild the L line. And our New York colleagues also looked at a nascent proposal to wrest control of New York City subways and buses from the state.

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  1. Yes, what could go wrong with advertising “technology” to helping drivers see people on foot or on bike even less than they already do. Next thing you know attorneys and lawyers will be using this technology against people who are hit by negligent drivers.

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