Monday’s Headlines

  • The Washington, D.C. suburb of Montgomery County, Md., enacted Vision  Zero in 2017, yet drivers have already killed more pedestrians this year than last year. (Bethesda Mag) In Nevada, traffic deaths are nearing another record, which a UNLV researcher attributes to roads designed for drivers and drivers alone. (NPR) Charlotte also looks like it could eclipse last year’s record number of pedestrian deaths. (Observer)
  • The Post and Courier opines that Charleston, S.C.’s focus on cars is putting people on foot and bikes at risk. O RLY?
  • Denver’s Swiss cheese sidewalk network is what happens when a city is planned and built for cars. (Denverite)
  • Remember that theory that Uber and Lyft would cut down on drunk driving? Yeah, well, it isn’t holding up in Kansas City. (KMBC)
  • One Tampa city councilman is thinking big about how to spend the $30 million a year a recently approved tax for transit will raise. (Tampa Bay Times)
  • Transit riders are fans of Cincinnati’s new bus-only lane. (Local 12)
  • Bike lane roundup: A protected bike lane is planned between the National Mall and Dupont Circle in D.C. (PopVille) Seattle’s 40th Street bike lane is on hold. (Post-Intelligencer) Fayetteville, Ark., has installed a temporary bike lane. (KNWA)
  • Our friends at Greater Greater Washington have a couple of cool job openings.
  • Four Youngstown, Ohio, men have been charged with stealing a sidewalk. Not stealing something left on a sidewalk, or stealing from a person walking on a sidewalk, but stealing a sidewalk. (WFMJ)