Friday’s Headlines

  • Voters favoring repeal of a recent gas-tax hike should know they’d be costing California transit agencies $750 million. (San Francisco Examiner)
  • Going electric won’t be good enough to stop climate change, and Sacramento is Ground Zero for the fight to get people out of the cars, which account for the biggest source of California’s greenhouse-gas emissions. (Curbed)
  • The Trump Administration has given Honolulu four weeks to come up with $44 million to secure federal funding for a light-rail line, or they start breaking fingers. (Civil Beat)
  • Houston and Dallas increasingly accept that modern cities need transit, but a proposed commuter rail line between the two cities is running into opposition from farmers whose land is needed to lay the tracks. (Click 2 Houston)
  • Instead of using part of a $250-million fund to overhaul Howell Mill Road into a complete street, Renew Atlanta now just wants to sync up all the traffic lights. The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition is displeased. And more projects could be in jeopardy. (Curbed)
  • Seattle is racing to complete its downtown bike-lane network because the usual piecemeal approach can be dangerous. (KUOW) But good luck renting a bike — the city passed new regulations for bike-shares in June. Four months later, the three companies that applied are still waiting for approval. (Seattle Mag)
  • Portland businesses are coming around to a less car-centric future. The chamber of commerce is lukewarm on one plan for bike lanes, but embraced another plan to turn a street into a car-free pedestrian plaza. (Oregonian)
  • A conference in Pittsburgh next week will focus on transit-oriented development and give the city a chance to show off the strides its transit system has made. (Post-Gazette)
  • Streetcars are so hot right now, and Erie, Penn. is the latest city looking to go back to the future. (Your Erie)
  • Somebody turn this into a galaxy brain meme: Wearing a bike helmet is OK, but you know what would be even cooler? Safer streets and more mindful drivers. (Bicycling)

1 thought on Friday’s Headlines

  1. Erie, PA should stop short of blowing money on streetcars, which are really expensive. Just because the rails are there doesn’t mean a streetcar is coming. Its about right-of-way, not type of vehicle.
    Two first steps before dumping tons of money into an Erie streetcar:
    1. Take some of that road space and put down a dense network of Protected Bike Lanes.
    2. If buses are congested, then give them exclusive right-of-way.

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