Wednesday’s Headlines

  • Twenty-eight people have died on Washington, D.C. streets so far this year, making a mockery of Mayor Muriel Bowser’s Vision Zero goal of no deaths by 2024. (WaPo) The latest safety measure being considered by D.C. officials is banning right turns on red. (NBC 4)
  • If you think Democrats might work with President Trump to revive his $1-trillion infrastructure plan if they win control of Congress, think again. There’s no way they’ll ever be able to agree on how to fund it. (Politico)
  • In bike-friendly Tucson, cycling isn’t just about sustainability. It’s about economic development, too. Bike tourists bring $88 million to the area annually. Preach! (Arizona Sonora News)
  • The Nashville Metro Council cannibalized funding for sidewalks to schools to spend on bikeways. Then the public works department built the sidewalks anyway. (Tennessean)
  • New Orleans business owners are still mad that somebody might be able to bike downtown instead of drive. (Times-Picayune)
  • Biking in L.A. is terrifying and getting worse. (LAist)
  • More evidence that e-scooters are taking cars off the road: A Portland study found that half of scooter riders had never biked before. (Willamette Week)
  • And more dockless drama: The Seattle government never warmed up to e-scooters, and now Bird and Lime are petitioning the city to allow them. (Curbed) Memphis is kicking out Lime because the company never obtained a permit. (Flyer) Bird has moved back into Providence after the city passed new regulations. (Turn to 10)
  • A San Francisco company called Skip has developed a lock to keep dockless e-scooters from tumbling over and blocking the sidewalk. Give that inventor a MacArthur! (Wired)
  • GOAAAAAAALLLLABOARD! MARTA, Atlanta’s transit agency, is turning empty space underneath tracks into soccer fields. (City Lab)

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