Today’s Headlines

  • As Biking’s Popularity Grows, D.C. Struggles to Make It Safe (WaPo)
  • Florida Leaders Support More Transit Funding (Miami Herald)
  • Sun Sentinel Calls Broward County Light Rail “Pie in the Sky”
  • Local Coverage of Parking Excess in Des Moines (Register), Philly (Inquirer), and Seattle (Times)
  • St. Paul Residents Debate: Streetcar or Bus Rapid Transit? (Star Tribune)
  • Nashville Metro Transit Authority Announces Rebranding (Tennessean)
  • North Carolina’s Ocracoke Island Is a Bike Paradise (Mobility Lab)
  • The Oklahoma City Streetcar Is Now Hiring (OKC Fox)
  • Helsinki Develops App to Subscribe to All Modes of Transit (Bloomberg)

1 thought on Today’s Headlines

  1. Full disclosure: I’m not a St. Paul resident BUT it seems like bus rapid transit would be the better investment. Bus rapid transit is a lot more flexible and the system would be up and running a lot sooner. I know capacity was mentioned in the article. There’s no reason St. Paul can’t invest in electric double-decker buses like Los Angeles recently did. As population changes happen in St. Paul, a streetcar cannot change to meet those needs like BRT can.

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