Today’s Headlines

  • Milwaukee Bus Cuts Could Cost People Their Jobs (WUWM)
  • Donald Shoup Releases Follow-Up to ‘High Cost of Free Parking’ (UCLA)
  • Pedestrians Are Not Responsible for Drivers Breaking the Law (Mobility Lab)
  • Nashville Public Radio Breaks Down Funding for Transit Expansion
  • Memphis Trolleys Will Roll Out Again Next Week (Business Journal)
  • Lexington (Herald Leader) and South Bend (WSBT) Test Traffic-Calming Measures
  • Buffalo’s New Train Station Lacks Connectivity (Buffalo Rising)
  • Savannah Plays Catchup on Bike Safety Measures Like Green Lanes (WJCL)
  • Five Options Unveiled for West Seattle Light Rail (West Seattle Blog)
  • Tips for Tourists on How to Get Around Portland Without a Car (Oregonian)

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