Today’s Headlines

  • Low-Income Millennials Who Can’t Move to Cities Are Forced to Drive More (SSTI)
  • Portland Arterial Roads Still Deadly for Cyclists and Pedestrians (Mercury)
  • San Antonio Looks to Fill 1,900-Mile Sidewalk Backlog (Rivard Report)
  • Houston Will Spend $10M on 50 Miles of Protected Bike Lanes (Houston Chronicle)
  • 74,000 People Attend “Atlanta Streets Alive” to Reinvent DeKalb Ave (Curbed)
  • St. Louis Dockless Bike-Shares Debut on Chilly Morning (Post-Dispatch)
  • Elon Musk Has Raised $113 Million for His Hyperloop Scam (CNBC)
  • NoVa Cyclists Use Empty Parking Decks to Race After Hours (CityLab)
  • How to Spot a Fake Uber Driver (Today)

9 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. “Elon Musk Has Raised $113 Million for His Hyperloop Scam”
    This is not journalism.
    Y’all are just mad that Elon’s got more chance of high speed transit working that California’s 30-year plan to catch up to Europe. lol

  2. I’ve been visiting this site once a day for the last 6 years. I’m about to stop because of stupid ass headlines like this.

  3. Same. The best one was when some politician in IL (I think) voted against some light rail or something so one of the authors here called hi ma ‘segregationist’.
    Jesus people. Get some sense of proportion.

  4. Blake, are you from Georgia, by chance? I’ve never met anyone outside of Georgia that uses the term “parking deck.”

  5. You can avoid fake Uber drivers by paying attention to the fact that their license plate number is provided to you in the app.

  6. But the article is *not* about Hyperloop but what Musk calls Loop. It is an underground tunnel with “skates” running in it that carry a car. Since it’s not evacuated its speed is proposed to be dramatically less than that claimed for Hyperloop. It appears to have the same basic limitation as Hyperloop – it is capacity limited.

  7. I didn’t either until I used a parking deck as a landmark for giving directions and created all sorts of confusion. “Parking garage” seems to be the “soda” to our “parking deck” “coke.”

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