Today’s Headlines

  • Uber Will Stop Testing Self-Driving Cars in California (The Verge)
  • What Happens When Autonomous Tech Meets Dangerous Roads (Brookings)
  • Lyft Joins Chorus Condemning Uber for Rushing Self-Driving Cars (Reuters)
  • Cities With More Transit Options Have Less Inequality (Undark)
  • Georgia Governor Adds $100 Million to State Budget for Transit (AJC)
  • Cleveland RTA Postpones Fare Hike, Talks Transit Ballot Measure Instead (Plain Dealer)
  • To Get Cyclists Out of Blind Spots Philly Puts Bike Lane on Left Side of Street (Inquirer)
  • Bike-Share Comes to Burlington (Free Press) and Mobile (Lagniappe)
  • Paris Mayor Proposes Free Transit (Next City)