Today’s Headlines

  • So Much for Infrastructure Week 2.0 (Huffington Post)
  • Florida Can’t Afford Access to Trump Infrastructure Funds (Miami Herald)
  • Dallas Needs More Bike Lanes to Make Bike-Share Work (Morning News)
  • Baltimore Bike Lanes Delayed Again Over Fire Truck Access Concerns (Sun)
  • Tax on Uber/Lyft Trips Would Fund Atlanta Mass Transit (WXIA)
  • Seattle Group Launches Kickstarter to Bring Back Historic Trolleys (Next City)
  • No Funding for Minneapolis Transit in Trump Budget (Star Tribune)
  • Waymo-Uber Trial Made One Tech Writer Stop Trusting Self-Driving Cars (The Verge)
  • How to Turn a Stroad Into a Street or a Road (Strong Towns)
  • Cities Have Turned These 11 Underpasses Into Parks (Curbed)

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