Talking Headways Podcast: Annual Predictions With Yonah Freemark

Pulse BRT in Richmond, Virginia, is one of the transit projects expected to open this year.
Pulse BRT in Richmond, Virginia, is one of the transit projects expected to open this year.

This week we’re joined by Yonah Freemark of the Transport Politic for our annual prediction extravaganza!

Find out how last year’s predictions held up and whether you agree with this year’s thoughts on Montreal transit and BRT in Boston. We also discuss the leaked Trump infrastructure plan and talk about our favorite writers focused on urban issues.

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  • Ryan Wozniak

    Thoughts on why the Trump administration might be encouraging “new funding” for transit project:
    a) to open up opportunities for private industry to jump into the scene where a profit is to be made
    b) to give priority to lines where a profit is to be made and potentially “protect” communities that have the money to continue to be car-dependent and keep out the “unwanted” (especially due to the HUD money flowing to transit lines, and “eww, not affordable housing”)

  • Daisy’s World

    D.C. prides itself on being one of the most accessible cities in the world. Except for a few more historic neighborhoods where you may find bricked sidewalks, they are mostly smooth and even, with curb cuts at every intersection, and all those wonderful museums and monuments comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act
    It’s not quite Amsterdam, but in recent years D.C. has become a bikeable city. It now ranks third in the nation for bike commuting because of an increase in protected lanes, signage and policies. Hopping onto a bike share is easier than ever. Capital Bikeshare has 440 docking stations across the district, Maryland and Virginia and offers three-day passes for $17 (but provides no helmets). More recently, companies such as Mobike, LimeBike and Jump have established “dockless” bikes, which eliminate the need to find a station to leave your bike at when you’re done.


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