Today’s Headlines

  • Auto Executives Admit Driverless Cars Are Pretty Far Off (Jalopnik)
  • Virginia and Maryland Will Study Dedicated Funding for Metro (WaPo)
  • Charlotte’s Blue-Line Extension Opens March 16 (WFAE, Observer)
  • What’s Next for Seattle Bike-Share? (Curbed) E-Bikes, for One Thing (Also Curbed)
  • Twin Cities Suburbs Advocate for Blue Line Extension (Star Tribune)
  • HART Board Addresses Complaints About Bus Cutbacks (Tampa Bay Times)
  • Albuquerque, Grand Rapids Fret Over Late FTA Reimbursements (KOAT, Michigan Radio)
  • Study: Lack of Bike Lanes Leads to “Close Calls” in Philadelphia (Voice)
  • Trial Starts for Austin Cops Accused of Racially Profiling and Beating Pedestrians (American-Statesman)
  • Why Do Americans Get So Enraged By Parking? (The Outline)

1 thought on Today’s Headlines

  1. The Philly article and the “study” it cites are specious and unclear at best. It cites bicyclists as not slowing and proceeding with caution through intersections? Huh? Is the expectation that cyclists are to slow at every intersection to make sure an idiot doesn’t hit you? Or is this a reference to not slowing at locations where there was a stop or yield condition, which is a separate matter altogether and should be cited as such? Either way, it is improperly reported or cited in the study.

    Also, since SB used the sub-heading for a headline (lack of bike lanes leads to close calls); the article and study are also absurd for noting that the one collision was due to a lack of a bike lane, but involved a cyclist waiting to turn left. A bike lane wouldn’t affect that collision. And a cyclist is free to make a “pedestrian left” if they choose, which would be consistent with a “protected” bike lane with a turn box and thus the lack of a bike lane has zero to do with the collision. It was a result of a motorist that wasn’t paying attention, just like the motorist that struck me while attempting to pass while I (and a friend) made a left turn.

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