Today’s Headlines

  • BRT in Indianapolis, Rail in Seattle, and More Transit Projects to Watch in 2018 (Next City)
  • FTA Signs Off on Kansas City Streetcar Expansion (Business Journal)
  • The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Previews Mayor “Bike Lane” Bill Peduto’s Second Term
  • D.C.-Baltimore Maglev Debate Grows More Heated (WaPo)
  • Meet Route 130, the Deadliest Road in South Jersey (Philadelphia Inquirer)
  • Dallas Newspapers Continue to Be Obsessed With Bike Clutter (Observer)
  • Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker Has Yet to Appoint Transpo Commission (Boston Globe)
  • Podcast: More Barriers to Cycling Than Lack of Bike Lanes (Strong Towns)
  • Surge in Online Deliveries Is Crowding City Streets (BBC)
  • Seattle Gadfly Fails Again to Choke Off Funding for Sound Transit (The Stranger)

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