Today’s Headlines

  • U.S. Car Sales Are Falling—But the Cars Are Bigger (NYT)
  • High-Speed Rail Opponent Wants to Head House Transpo Committee (LA Times)
  • FHWA Bans Flashing Beacons at Crosswalks Over Patent Issue (WTSP)
  • D.C. Metro Safety Group Blows Past Deadline to Start Work (WaPost)
  • D.C. Law Prohibits Gas Stations From Being Redeveloped (WAMU)
  • Omaha Wants to Widen All of the Freeways! (World-Herald)
  • Missouri Task Force Recommends Gas-Tax Hike (Springfield News-Leader)
  • Cops Should Aggressively Ticket Distracted Drivers (Houston Chronicle)
  • Seattle Considers Flex Parking Near Transit Corridors (KING)
  • Mobility Lab: Don’t Rush Blindly Into Automation

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