Today’s Headlines

  • Corporate Heavyweights Try Their Hand at Reforming D.C. Metro (Post)
  • Why Is L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti Silent About Rising Death Toll on City Streets? (Times)
  • How Transit Transformed the University of Maryland and College Park (Next City)
  • Center City Streetcar Survives — for Now (Curbed Seattle)
  • With Ridership Growing, Madison Seeks Grant for Transit Expansion (Cap Times)
  • Milwaukee Alderman Tries to Divert Streetcar Funds (WTMJ)
  • Boston Suburb Gets New Bike-Share Bikes That Can Tackle Hills (Globe)
  • Florida Lawmakers Try Again to Stymie Passenger Rail (Orlando Sentinel)
  • Yes, Daily Texan, a Road Called “Speedway” Probably Does Need Bike Lanes
  • Faster Doesn’t Always Equal Happier (Strong Towns)

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