Today’s Headlines

  • Surprisingly, Distracted Driving Isn’t to Blame for Spike in Road Deaths (The Verge)
  • Kansas City Voters Elect Pro-Streetcar Slate (Star)
  • Philly Tries to Avoid Bikelash by Engaging Neighborhoods on Vision Zero (Next City)
  • Detroit Invests in Sidewalks and Bike Lanes to Help Commercial Corridors (MLive)
  • Baltimore Sun: City Needs Better Bike Infrastructure Whether Amazon Comes or Not
  • Cincinnati Uses Streetcar Money to Figure How to Move Cars Faster (Enquirer)
  • Milwaukee Streetcar Sells Name Rights, Will Be Free for a Year (Fox 6; Urban Milwaukee; Journal Sentinel)
  • Racist MN Mayoral Candidate Says Light Rail Would Bring in “Riff Raff” (Star Trib)
  • Anti-Cyclist Pittsburgh Council Member Caught Driving in Pedestrian Path (City Paper)

2 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. Frome the Verge: “…incidents of distracted driving were down 2.2 percent in 2016 from the previous year. Drowsy driving decreased, too.”

    How can we possibly know this? I didn’t see a data source, but would expect such information to be self-reported, which is massively unreliable.

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