Today’s Headlines

  • Majority of Americans Agree That Climate Change Is Making Hurricanes Worse (WaPo)
  • DC Isn’t Keeping Up With Demand for Bike Infrastructure (NYT)
  • What Eight Years of Chris Christie Hath Wrought for NJ Transit Riders (Record)
  • People in Detroit Just Want More Buses, Not Expensive Streetcars (City Lab)
  • Pittsburgh BRT Plan May Result in Service Cuts for Low-Income Suburbs (Post-Gazette)
  • Minneapolis Seeks to Allay Concerns About Southwest Line Crash Wall (Star Tribune; Post)
  • Niagara Transpo Authority Envisions Fancy New Bus Station With Link to Rail (Buffalo News)
  • Why Is Fresno Taking So Long to Get BRT Online? (Stop and Move)
  • Sacramento Tries Out Parking-Protected Bike Lanes (Bee)
  • Residents Want Portland to Make Downtown Bikeway Permanent (KATU)

1 thought on Today’s Headlines

  1. The NYT’s writeup quotes European cities as running green waves for cyclists to pedal 20 mph. Can that be right? As any cyclist knows, 20 mph is above average athleticism & not at all plausible for everyday commuting on a commuter bike. I wonder if they meant 20 km/hour and didn’t have an editor to catch the mistake.

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