Today’s Headlines

  • Hotbed of Innovation: “Cycling Is What Makes Everything Else in Amsterdam Work” (Politico)
  • Here in the U.S., Ford Researches How Humans Deal With “Driverless” Overlords (Verge, Wired)
  • Trump Administration and Congress Ease Off Driverless Car Safety Regs; Slate Is Not Impressed
  • WMATA Trumpets “Success” of Running Fewer Trains So More Of Them Are On Time (WaPo)
  • No-Brainer: Columbia Looks to Price Public Parking Based on Demand (Missourian)
  • Dallas City Council Endorses Downtown Subway, Streetcar Alignments (Dallas News, D Mag)
  • San Diego Nixes Bike-Share in Outer Areas, Focuses on Core; NIMBYs Rejoice (La Jolla Light)
  • Dockless Bike-Share: Rogue Operations, or Challengers to City-Sanctioned Monopolies? (Vice)
  • Bike Commuting Growth Has Leveled Off, But Some Cities Still Making Gains (Bike League)
  • Chattanooga Does Park(ing) Day (Times Free Press); In DC, Police Are Not On Board (GGW)

2 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. Bike share in San Diego areas of LaJolla, PB, Bird Rock, and Mission Bay is self evident. Amazing that anyone would oppose this.

    The number of cyclists running errands & commuting in LaJolla has grown dramatically in last 3 years. Latent demand for bike share must be enormous in LaJolla and Bird Rock.

  2. “[Amsterdam] is experimenting with ideas like removing traffic lights at intersections to encourage more considerate driving.”

    U.S. cities sit up and take notice. I’m looking at you, NYC.

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