Today’s Headlines

  • With Cars Destroyed and Few Other Transportation Options, Houston Struggles to Bounce Back (AP)
  • The Road Gang Hopes “Dealmaker” Trump Will Advance Highway Infrastructure Bill (Detroit News)
  • Today: DOT Changes Course on Obama-Era Robot Car Rules, Clears Way for Auto Companies (Bloomberg)
  • Meanwhile, in Paris: Deputy Mayor for Urbanism Wants to Ban “Zombie” Autonomous Cars (Dezeen)
  • Bikelash? Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo Brushes Off Haters of Her Street Transformations (CityLab)
  • Hogan Stops Stonewalling, Proposes $500 Million for WMATA — But No Way to Pay For It (WaPo)
  • To Keep Costs Down, Met Council Tells Firms to Bid Again on Southwest LRT (Star Tribune, MPR)
  • Minneapolis Announces Vision Zero Agenda to Eliminate Fatalities Within a Decade (Star Tribune)
  • 30 Years After Rejecting Rail Over “Undesirable Element,” Sacramento State Chokes on Traffic (Bee)
  • After Backlash, City of Portland Decides Against Lowering Its Bike Mode Share Goal (BikePortland)

4 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. From Bloomberg auto-driving article: “Several companies objected to the expanded authority, such as the ability to approve or reject a self-driving vehicle system before it could be sold.”
    I never understood why cars aren’t crash-tested by regulators before being put on the market. Why are buyers and those struck by vehicles the guinea pigs?

  2. I never understood why cars are required to be safe only for occupants and not for people outside the vehicles (mandatory fenders and side/wheel guards, ability to hear outside sounds, prohibition on combat grilles, no “rising beltlines”, etc.)

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