Today’s Headlines

  • Purple Line Opponents File Last-Ditch Appeal With Their Favorite Judge (Bethesda Magazine)
  • Wisconsin’s GOP Legislature Nears Agreement to Kick Transportation Funding Can Down Road (WPR)
  • Some Universities Realize Parking Garages Will Not Solve Their Mobility Challenges (NYT)
  • Charlottesville Applies Lessons of Donald Shoup to New Parking Reforms (Charlottesville Tomorrow)
  • Citing Rampant Fraud, Hartford Stops Giving Away Free Parking to Disabled Placard Holders (Courant)
  • Bike-Share: It’s Not Just for Big Cities Anymore (Jefferson Public Radio, Oxford Eagle)
  • How to Improve Philly’s New Chestnut Street Protected Bike Lane (
  • Listicle of The Day: Five Signs Miami Is a Nightmare for Bicyclists (New Times)
  • Meanwhile: Sun Sentinel Hails Completion of New Highway Ramps as Cure for South Florida Traffic
  • Tech Financiers Are Really Into Throwing Money and Hype at “Flying Car” Companies (NYT)

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