Today’s Headlines

  • GOP-Controlled State Legislature Wants Veto Power Over Twin Cities Light Rail (Star Tribune, MinnPost)
  • How Segregation Turned Richmond’s World-Class Transit Into a Sad Shell of Its Former Self (Richmond Mag)
  • Sacramento Police Still Don’t Know Their Anti-Pedestrian Laws, Weeks After Brutal Arrest (Capital Public Radio)
  • Elon Musk Drops Automated Bus Idea: “I Don’t Know If the Bus Thing Really Makes Sense” (Verge)
  • One Lesson to Take From Bridj’s Demise: “Microtransit” Apps Should Partner with Transit Agencies (CityLab)
  • Maryland’s Purple Line Boosters Sick of Waiting for Federal Judge to Rule on Environmental Approvals (WAMU)
  • Bike-Share Coming to Manchester, NH (Union Leader), New Haven (Independent), Charleston, SC (Post and Courier)
  • Someone Shot Another Person Over a Parking Spot at a Miami-Dade Park (Miami Herald, CBS 4)
  • The Urbanist Launches Its Fifth Annual Quest to Determine the Worst Intersection in Seattle
  • A Look Back at the Plan Robert Moses Devised for Portland in 1943 (Oregonian)

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