Today’s Headlines

  • Amy Klobuchar: Trump Should Negotiate With Democrats to Secure Infrastructure Deal (Hill)
  • WMATA GM Tries to Convince Politicians to Support (and Fund) His Blueprint for Fixing Metro (WAMU)
  • AJC Columnist: Atlanta Suburb’s Protected Bike Lanes Make It Harder for Me to Drive Through Quickly
  • Portland’s Bike-Share System Looks at Ways to Include Disabled Riders (LA Times)
  • Virginia and Arizona Compete to Have the Fewest Rules on Autonomous Vehicle Testing (WaPo, Verge)
  • Casino Opens North of Portland With No Transit Access; Causes Massive Jam on I-5 (Oregonian)
  • Aspen Politicians Flirt With Erasing Bus Lane So More People Can Get Stuck in Car Traffic (Aspen Times)
  • Dutch Signals Tell Cyclists Whether or Not They’ll Catch a “Green Wave” of Traffic Lights (CityLab)
  • Silicon Valley’s “Flying Car” Is Actually an Expensive Toy for People With Lake Houses (NYT, Verge)