Today’s Headlines

  • Governors Give Trump List of 428 “Shovel-Ready” Infrastructure Projects (WaPo)
  • California Transpo Head Presses for High-Speed Rail Despite GOP Resistance (Biz Journal, Railway Age)
  • Rural Republicans Have Doubts on Private Funds for Infrastructure (Hill)
  • Tensions Peak Between Pittsburgh, Uber (Quartz)
  • Uber, Zipcar Team Up on Car-Share (USA Today)
  • Are Americans Driving Less Because They’re Becoming Shut-Ins? (CityLab)
  • Study to Assess High-Speed Rail From Seattle to Vancouver (Curbed)
  • Five Cities Including Austin Snag Smart Cities Grants (Tech Republic, Biz Journal)
  • Patriots Parade Broke Ridership Records for Boston Commuter Rail (WCVB)