Today’s Headlines

  • The New York Times Published Someone’s Sick Fantasy About “Trump-Sized” Infrastructure
  • LA Times: Can Buy America Work for California High-Speed Rail?
  • Amtrak CEO on New Trains, Safety, and Trump (CBS)
  • Detroit Officials Try to Figure Out Why Local Transit Tax Failed (Detroit News)
  • Nebraska Senator May Be on Shortlist for Trump’s DOT (KETV)
  • Atlanta’s Transit Divide Deepens After Election (WABE)
  • How to Get Creative With Former Parking Garages (Urban Land)
  • Maryland Hosts Naming Contest for New Rte. 29 BRT (Baltimore Sun)
  • Survey Says: Downtown Dallas Residents Want Options Besides Driving (Dallas News)
  • Paper Bike Helmet Wins Design Challenge (News & Observer)

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  1. Is there a link to the EPA emissions rule? Didn’t see one in the LATimes article, having a hard time finding it online.

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