Today’s Headlines

  • St. Louis Gets Federal Grant to Study North-South Transit Line (St. Louis Business Journal)
  • Driver Smashes Into Columbus Day Protest in Reno; Gazette-Journal: They “Didn’t Have Permit”
  • Truck Driver Struck and Killed Babysitter Pushing Stroller in Cincinnati (Enquirer)
  • Seattle Times: Self-Driving Cars Aren’t the Answer to Every Transportation Problem
  • Mercedes Says Its Self-Driving Cars Will Prioritize Saving Occupants in Collisions (Auto Express)
  • Pittsburgh Will Use Grim Reaper to “Scare” Pedestrians Using Cell Phones — Yuk, Yuk (Post-Gazette)
  • Edmonton City Council Okays Network of Protected Bike Lanes (Edmonton Journal)
  • Utrecht Redesigning Its Major Corridors to Put People First (Bicycle Dutch)

1 thought on Today’s Headlines

  1. Horrifying drumbeat of news today. The juxtaposition of the violence, self-driving cars, and victim-scaring in the USA with actual good news from Canada and the Netherlands is mind-bending.

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