Today’s Headlines

  • Vox Evaluates the Federal Government’s New Self-Driving Car Regulations
  • Automakers’ Reaction to New Self-Driving Car Regulations (Fox Business)
  • Consumer Group Says Self-Driving Car Regulations Don’t Go Far Enough (WTOP)
  • Texas Has $37 Billion in Toll Road Debt (El Paso Herald)
  • Lower Speed Limits Pass Seattle City Council Unanimously (Seattle Bike Blog)
  • Baltimore Opens First Parking-Protected Bike Lane (Fox Baltimore)
  • Charleston for Some Reason Asks SCDOT Whether Key Bike Lane Is “Wise Investment” (Post & Courier)
  • Edmonton Abandons Ped Safety Campaign After Complaints About Victim Blaming (Metro News)
  • The Netherlands Named the Best Place to Be… a Driver (Daily Hive via ModaCity)