Today’s Headlines

  • DOT Effort to Reconnect Communities Severed By Highways Kicks Off in Spokane (Next City)
  • The Connection Between Traffic Stops and Police Shootings (Transportist)
  • Bike-Share Debuts in L.A. (Streetsblog LALA Times)
  • Atlanta Residents to Vote on Transpo Sales Tax in November (AJC)
  • Feds Investigate Second Tesla Self-Driving Vehicle Crash (The Hill)
  • Engineering Prof: Why I Still Feel Safe in My Self-Driving Car (WaPo)
  • Study: Building Safe Bike Lanes Cuts Down Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Momentum)
  • Uber Gets OK to Operate Legally During Philly’s Transit Mess (Inquirer)
  • New Website From FTA Shares Transit-Oriented Development Resources (Progressive Railroading)
  • Why Hasn’t Bike-Share Lived Up to Expectations in Broward County? (Sun Sentinel)

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