Today’s Headlines

  • Feds Release $20M for DC Metro Repair Plan (WaPo)
  • …As DC Cyclists Make Lemonade of the Service Cuts (CityLab)
  • How 20 Years of Light Rail Have Transformed Dallas (Dallas Morning News)
  • NJ Lawmakers Push Gas Tax Hike, Christie Doesn’t Buy Transit Funding Concerns (, Press of AC)
  • Should Seattle Burbs Help Foot the Bill for Light Rail Tunnel? (Seattle Times)
  • Bike Bickering Reveals Deeper Divisions in St. Paul (Minn Post)
  • Utah Ups Its Transit-Oriented Development Game (Salt Lake Trib)
  • While Cars Reign, How Can Mexico City Fix its Pollution Haze? (NYT)
  • A Chat With the Woman Leading Tacoma on Active Transportation (News Trib)