Today’s Headlines

  • Subways in the Northeast Are Showing Their Age (NYT)
  • What D.C. Commuters Can Expect When Metro Shutdowns Begin (WaPo)
  • Delaware May Increase Fine for Hitting a Pedestrian to $550 (Delaware Online)
  • Austin Mayor to Intro Transpo Bond Proposal, Includes Protected Bike Lanes (Austin Chronicle)
  • One in Four Traffic Crashes in Minnesota Caused by Distracted Driving (Star Tribune)
  • Is Google Losing Interest in Self-Driving Cars? (Transportationist)
  • Why Americans in the 1950s Were Scared of Suburbia (Curbed)
  • Third Safety Report to Study Cincinnati’s 2.2-Mile Protected Bike Lane (Enquirer)
  • Reno’s Mayor Wants More Green Bike Lanes (Kolo News Now)