Today’s Headlines

  • Raleigh Council Wants Bus Lanes on Redesigned Road (News Observer)
  • Virginia Considering Ban on New Tolls for Existing Roads (
  • Georgia Statehouse Bill to Expand MARTA “Faces Uphill Climb” (Mass Transit)
  • Toledo to Use Federal Transit Money to Purchase Cars for Low-Income Workers (Blade)
  • The New Tropic: Latin America’s Transit “Kicking Our Ass”
  • Driverless Bus on the Street in the Netherlands (Christian Science Monitor)
  • New Jersey Transit Rail Unions Set Date for Strike (
  • Pittsburgh Cyclists Wonder Why Bike Lanes Weren’t Plowed (City Paper)
  • Gizmodo Shares a Far-Out Concept for a Bike Ramp Crossing the SF Bay
  • When Drivers Hit Pedestrians, Where Do We Lay the Blame? (D Magazine)

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