Today’s Headlines

  • Transpo Funding Plays Key Role in Capitol Hill Budget Showdown (Brookings)
  • High-Speed Rail Venture Sets Up Headquarters in Baltimore (Baltimore Sun)
  • Our Highways Are Crumbling — But Does It Matter? (Metro Jacksonville)
  • Driverless Cars Take the Stage at G7 Summit in Germany (Forbes)
  • Portland Ranks Top for Bike Commuting Among Major U.S. Cities (CityLab)
  • Pope Francis Visit Brings “Unprecedented” Transpo Challenges to DC, Philly, NYC (Newsweek)
  • Atlanta Beltline Studies Self-Taxing to Boost Funds (AJC)
  • Study: Drivers Are the Most Stressed-Out Commuters (CityLab)
  • Advocates Strategize for North-South Rail Link in Boston (Boston Herald)
  • Over Five Months In, How Does CTfastrak Gauge Success? (Hartford Courant)

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