Today’s Headlines

  • Congress Returns From Summer Recess to a Long To-Do List, Including Transpo (ABC)
  • U.S. DOT Offers Congress a Way to Kick the Can on Transpo Funding (The Hill)
  • “Move Seattle” Is Great, But There’s Another Transit Funding Tool Seattle Is Ignoring (Stranger)
  • Lee City Council Votes to Become First Massachusetts City With Its Own Local Gas Tax (NEPR)
  • How the Charterization of New Orleans Schools Has Hurt Transit (CityLab)
  • Study: Addressing Crime Encourages People to Bike, Walk, and Use Transit More — And Quickly (Mineta)
  • Lessons Learned From an Attempt at Transit in a Small Town (Next City)
  • Report Blames Sprawl for Traffic Deaths (Broken Sidewalk)
  • 11 Innovations Worth Stealing From Colombia (And 5 From Mexico) (BikePortland, HuffPo)
  • An Equitable Climate Finance System Would Stick You With a $12,000 Bill (Grist)

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