Talking Headways Podcast: The Missions of San Antonio

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This week we’re joined by Trish Wallace and Jillian Harris, transportation planners at the City of San Antonio. Tune in and hear about the history of the San Antonio Riverwalk, the city’s bike master plan, and the inner workings of the SATomorrow Plan.

Our discussion of San Antonio’s growth leads us to all sorts of Texas planning quirks like extra territorial jurisdiction (ETJ) and municipal utility districts (MUDs). And we dig into the amazing public involvement they’ve gotten for SATomorrow, and why San Antonio is a city on a mission.

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  • Paul

    Interesting talk on San Antonio. I believe the missions in San Antonio are from the 1700s, not the 1600s as mentioned by one of the guests. I worked for the planning department in San Antonio in the 1970s and learned that San Antonio was so close to paving over the whole Riverwalk to provide more parking. Wow, what a mistake that would have been! Texans and their cars (or trucks!)…it’s a shame so much of the state continues in that direction. The Riverwalk, aside from the Alamo, is one of the city’s big draws, and is beautiful.
    I would have enjoyed this talk more if the speakers spoke in sentences instead of doing the 20-something uptalk thing and making everything they say sound like a question. It always makes me think, “Are they telling me something or asking me something?


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