Today’s Headlines

  • Foxx: Racial Disparities “Embedded” in Nation’s Transportation System (Telegram)
  • House GOP Proposes to Fund 5-Month Transpo Patch With $5 Billion “Grab-Bag” of Savings (Examiner)
  • …Including TSA Fees, a Move Opposed By the U.S. Travel Association (The Hill)
  • …And Sen. McConnell Is Preparing to Bring It to the Senate Floor (The Hill)
  • Is the Ex-Im Bank Really What’s Stopping the House From Passing a Long-Term Bill? (The Hill)
  • Commerce Committee’s Safety Measures Include Hair Testing for Truck Drivers (Trucking Info)
  • Preliminary Figures Show 13% Rise in Traffic Deaths in Early 2015 (North Jersey)
  • Baltimore Due For a Smart-Growth Zoning Code Rewrite, But City Council Is Holding It Up (GGW)
  • Dianne Feinstein Editorializes in The Hill Against Longer Truck Trailors
  • Utah (Like All States) Needs More Federal Help to Build Non-Car Transpo Infrastructure (UPR)
  • Transit Access Is Essential For Disabled Veterans (Rutgers)

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