Today’s Headlines

  • White House Affirms Obama’s Strong Preference for Long-Term Transpo Fix (The Hill)
  • As GOP Rep Proposes Bill to Increase Gas Tax, Paul Ryan Rules It Out (The Hill, Market Watch)
  • DOT’s Infrastructure Snapshot of All 50 States “Not Pretty” (Fast Lane)
  • Eno Center in WaPo: Follow Reagan’s Example on Transpo Investment
  • The Long-Delayed DC Streetcar Gets a Tough Report Card From APTA (WaPoGGW)
  • NTSB: Put in Cameras to Monitor Amtrak Engineers (Progressive Railroading)
  • Can Bike-Sharing Bridge L.A.’s Commuting Gaps? (LA Times)
  • Baltimore Sun: Fight for The Red Line
  • Richmond, VA to Study BRT (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

1 thought on Today’s Headlines

  1. Regarding DOT’s Infrastructure Snapshot, that included “Functionally Obsolete” bridges in the totals:

    “A functionally obsolete bridge is one that was built to standards that are not used today. These bridges are not automatically rated as structurally deficient, nor are they inherently unsafe.”

    From what I understand, Functionally Obsolete means you have to merge to cross the bridge. For instance, a one lane bridge with five miles of straight-as-an-arrow farm road on either side. There are a lot of those here in California.

    Any number that includes Functionally Obsolete with Structurally Deficient is useless and should be ignored.

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