Today’s Headlines

  • Senate EPW Committee Unveils 6-Year Bill With No Funding Source (The Hill)
  • How to Pay For the Bill? Not a Gas Tax Hike, Says Rep. Kevin McCarthy (The Hill)
  • Repatriation Plan for Funding Transportation Gains Traction (The Hill)
  • Senate More Generous With Amtrak Than the House (The Hill)
  • Bill Sets the Stage for a Dramatic July (WaPo)
  • These Amendments Could Make the Bill Much Better (T4America)
  • Brookings: Gas Prices Hardly Have Any Effect on How Much We Drive
  • EPA: Carbon Emissions Will Cost Billions a Year in Road Maintenance Alone (Mother Jones)
  • Houston Gets Back to Its Pre-Car Roots (Doggerel)
  • Autonomous Cars, Transit, and the Sharing Economy (Transport Politic)
  • Millennials Start Making Babies: Will They Move to the Suburbs? (Family Friendly Cities)

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